Comment: Sorry lost me on second sentence

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Sorry lost me on second sentence

Why is consumption good? Good for who?

On a personal level I think like this.

Consumption and Production is bad but sometimes necessary.
But if I need to consume then I try to produce what I can.
If I cannot produce what I need to consume then I produce more of what I can and exchange it for what I can't.

So to point 1. Increasing consumption doesn't benefit me if I have to work harder to produce more to meet that unnecessary consumption.
So to point 2. Increasing production would inspire me to consume more than I needed. Again if I have to work harder to increase production then it doesn't benefit me.

So if there is no benefit to me then why increase production or consumption beyond my needs? Apparently because it benefits someone, or someone convinces me that I need more than I really do. But we are all playing the same game so who again benefits?

In balance one person's benefit is another person's loss (rich benefit poor lose almost every time) and the only way this is not true is when:

The productivity increases without working harder because of technological advances.
Then consumption needs can go up without any impact to someone else. I.e standard of living increase match technological advancement

For this though we need a currency exchange that tracks technology or man hours or 1kwh electricity or something tangible. So Austrian economics is better than Keynesian economics!