Comment: This comparison is too weak to be called science.

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This comparison is too weak to be called science.

In science, you need consistency in order to test 1 variable at a time. This situation has several variables all taking place at once, yet you guys think it should be an example of what should have happened in the twin towers.

1. Height-The twin towers were 110 stories high. This tower was only 40.
2. Design-Their construction was completely different.
3. Fire location-The fire on this tower ran up the side. The fire in the WTC was near the center.
4. Response-Nobody was fighting the fire in the WTC, it was too high up.
5. Source-A plane hit the WTC. No plane hit this tower.
6. Mass-The mass of each WTC is several times the mass of this tower.
7. Unnacounted for-I am no expert and wasn't at the scene, so it is easily possible that several other variables exist which I have not accounted for, further adding to the list of variables which make this comparison unscientific.

Now I'm not claiming to be able to tell you exactly how I think either of these fires should have played out. I'm no expert and each situation is different, however I can tell you that making this comparison is too weak to even be called science. It rests securely in the realm of fallacy.

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