Comment: When they set up my mentally ill son

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When they set up my mentally ill son

they used similar tactics.
The guy that befriended my son had been busted and rather than
throw his buddies under the bus he picked out the Schizophrenic that lived down the street from him.

The drug task force showed up over a year later at my house(I'm assuming they waited a year because right after they had set him up he ended up in the mental ward and after that we sold his home and moved him home with us)
But when they showed up at my house it was to let him know they had
him BUT if he worked with them it would help his case. Needless to say I gave them a earful for setting up a Schizophrenic that was out of his mind at the time, they threatened to arrest me for interfering and then hauled my son off and charged him. I was able to get the charges dropped to a possession charge but he still did 6 months in prison.