Comment: Calling ppl Ignorant makes them pissy

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Calling ppl Ignorant makes them pissy

annoyed "On 9-11, you need to school yourself on the evidence. " I have i have seen everything you have pointed out and heard all the arguments before. that is why I am skeptical instead of believing the official story.

Saying I need to school myself is a personal attack and is condescending.

It's not quite as bad as comparing homosexual marriage to NAMBLA but the inferred insult is pretty obvious.

however that does not necessarily matter because i mostly agree with you.

---Want to discuss politics with Mormons? Please read:

"Latter Day Liberty"-Connor Boyack(forward by Ron Paul

Doctrine and Covenants sections 134 & 89

Watch Secretary of Agg Ezra Taft Benson's discourse on "The Proper Role of Government"