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one New york plaza

'With the old buildings, you know the building's going to hold,'' said Neil P. Winberry, a retired New York fire captain. ''You've got time to work.'' After the city fire code was changed in 1968, allowing a widespread shift from masonry fireproofing to a light, spray-on product, Mr. Winberry said, ''we could not understand how this was going to work; we had no faith in it.''

''The protection of steel members in a really fire-resistive building must be accomplished by materials that cannot be readily removed or damaged,''

And one meridian plaza - Under extreme fire exposure the beams and girders sagged and twisted and cracks appeared in the concrete floors.

The only reason these did not collapse is because firefighters were able to put out the fire. WTC wouldn't have collapsed, either, but the authorities decided to "pull" the fireman out of the building and to let it burn.