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If silver is not real money

why has it disappeared since the dollar has gone total fiat in 1964. Almost impossible to find any silver coins in circulation today. I used to buy a gallon of gas for $.19 in 1969 today it is around $3.60. If I use 2 silver dimes I can buy almost 2 gallons of gas. Looks like silver has kept up with inflation while the dollar is slipping big time.

I think JFK backing the dollar with silver was a brilliant move to end the FED, he new he must get rid of the tyrant banking system to free America. It had nothing to do with any mining Unions. He pissed off the bankers, thats why they blew his head off!

Why else did he give the speech about the Military Industrial complex, he was setting the stage for a time without the FED.

Edit: JFK actually told the treasury to print new money backed by silver, which was to compete with the FED's money.

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