Comment: A failed economy does not equal War

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A failed economy does not equal War

I would like to point out one thing.
Lets take the title, “War – The Last Option of a Failing Economy”. In this essay Nick makes the claim that a failed economy may lead to war, that it is highly probable, very likely, or to be expected. If that is NOT his claim, then he might want to correct my impression (and most readers impression), right there.

It might be news to you and many libertarians (myself included) that the historical evidence economic collapse = war is not a good one. Its neither probable, or likely, or to be expected.

To find out more, you might enjoy reading Dr. Pinker’s new book, THE BETTER ANGELS OF OUR NATURE: Why Violence Has Declined. Here he is not only familiar with Enlightenment/libertarian ideas, but he shows a remarkable amount of data in its support.

And most interestingly, he points out what real world conditions that do make war probable, likely, or to be expected (an economic collapse is not one of them).

So we all should give this book a chance and open ourselves up to perspective that we may never have understood before.


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