Comment: Look at all the personal

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Look at all the personal

Look at all the personal attacks in this thread, I told you what was going to happen.

There's a reason Ron Paul doesn't go personal when he's discussing something, because he doesn't need to, he can win a debate on this issues and personal attacks in no way help your case. Just the opposite. So keep proving me right people.

So far no evidence of even one eyewitness that saw anything other than a plane hit the Pentagon.
Not one bit of evidence of anything else found in the wreckage.
No eyewitnesses that saw anyone plant plane parts, or anyone involved in the cleanup or investigation that saw no plane parts, and one person who says they saw debris but none they could recognize as plane debris (Bob Pugh).
No videos of anything else hitting the Pentagon.
And no evidence of AA flt 77 ending anywhere else but the Pentagon.