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"Yes. They were obviously

"Yes. They were obviously taught that the government is to force the will of the majority onto the minority."

People are not "taught" this. They simply do it because they want something.

"They also constantly erroneously call the system our founders thought up a democracy. They don't understand the concept of a constitutional republic."

I agree, but this is a separate issue. The Constitution places limits on federal power, and on some state powers, but there is nothing in the Constitution that prevents the state of New York from banning soda's or cigarrettes.

In fact, a lot of state government give the state tremendous power. In the South, government has wide power to legislate "morality", while in other states the government was wide power over regulating the economy.

"Our government is supposed to be there to protect the minority from the will of the majority and not force any will on anyone."

It should, but that isn't even how the Constitution is set up. The 14th amendment went a long ways towards fixing that but even then it isn't perfect.

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