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That is true Patty - unless it is too late and you already have

the cancer.

The key is to turn away from Big Pharma BEFORE you get the cancer.
Turn away from small pharma too. I try not to take anything these days.

I am going through this with my mom right now. She was always "healthy" up to a few years ago - she had a few dizzy spells and was diagnosed with A-Fib. Ok- no big deal - she is getting older. The genious doctor puts her on Coumadin -YAHH - the great drug will save you. Just one itsy bitsy little thing - you know all those vegetable you love so much -stop eating them because you CANNOT have vitamin K while on Coumadin. Well, who cares - I never even heard of vitamin K and the doctor didn't seem terribly concerned about it - more a passing thought.
Fast forward 2.5 years - Mom is great - Doc has taken her off Coumadin and life is awesome. Oops - no its not. They find out she has colon cancer -oh but wait - they think it spread to the liver. Well, now that is serious so I do just a little research and lo and behold - guess what is the BEST way to never get liver cancer - that's right - by consuming large amounts of Vitamin K - best way to GET liver cancer - don't take vitamin K.

Well slap me silly and call me stupid - so the heart doctor basically sets the patient up to become the cancer patient in a few short years - thanks ASSHOLE.
Then I actually ask the Oncologist if she should be taking Vitamin K supplements - his answer - "I don't see why she should". My answer "so you don't see any connection between the lack of Vitamin K for 2 years and the cancer?". No, there is no proof of that.
"You mean other than the cancer asshole?"

That's when I get invited to leave.