Comment: Accurate perception

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Accurate perception

I don't know why the concept of accurate perception is discredited, but I can guess.

If something can be demonstrated as being an accurate perception, then accurate perception can be communicated by one person to other people.

I think that people who depend upon falsehood as their chosen means of survival, preying on the people they target, stand to gain much, from their targets, if their targets are less able to communicate accurate perceptions.

Hey, look, that person is currently perpetrating fraud upon you.


Look, right there, that person, his name is Ben Bernanke, and he is currently perpetrating a very serious fraud upon you.


There, right there, that person, and those people in that group, they are perpetrating a very serious, very costly, fraud upon all those people right there, and this is demonstrably factual.


It isn't tough, really, it is easy to see, as being demonstrably factual, there are those guys, Ben Bernanke, Barry Soetoro, etc., and they claim that they are loaning all these people money, when in fact they are borrowing that money, so how can that continue, how can such a blatant case of fraud perpetuate?

Conspiracy Theorist!

No, it is factual, demonstrable, easy to understand, so easy to understand a child can understand how fraud works, in fact.