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Comment: Eyewitness testimony on

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Eyewitness testimony on

Eyewitness testimony on anything seen by multiple people have discrepancies. As I have used as an example, almost every NFL football game will have at least one play that can be video replayed several times and people will disagree on what happened in it. Even after watching video of it numerous times. Half say his foot was in bounds, half say it wasn't.

Add to that a position in the sky that is being looked at from different angles and different distances and travelling 500 mph, and you are going to get some variance in exact flight paths people believe they saw.

The facts that are the same from everyone of those people in CIT doc, is that everyone of them saw a plane, and they all saw it coming from the same general direction.

If that was all the eyewitnesses there were, it might make me question more, but they are not. There are many, many eyewitnesses that saw they saw the plane hit the Pentagon. And none that saw anything other than a plane hit the Pentagon.
Like these

I mean do you honestly believe all these people and more, most of which are not affiliated with gov't, are lying or in on it?