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Comment: Paul asked: "White Lodge -- anything to do with Freemasonry, or

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Paul asked: "White Lodge -- anything to do with Freemasonry, or

just a similar name? Do you remember any specific doctrines that you instilled into churches? Was Zionism or Scofield theology among them?"answer: Freemasonry is one product of the organization as is Zionism and what some refer to as "The New Age Movement".The "White Lodge" or "Brotherhood of the White Lodge" is the main seat of "The Plan" and the most deceptive division of Lucifer's hierarchy in that it controls the underground workings of "The Plan" that promotes "white magic", mysticism, church and religious infiltration, political and government infiltration to name a few. This division runs the entire "show". Top level members run both this division and the division of the blatant dark Satanism division. Top level members ARE the "All Seeing Eye" and over both divisions.Freemasonry is primarily associated with the "Brotherhood of The White Lodge", however, some top members belong to what people refer to as "the All seeing eye" which is the highest division that runs both Satanism and the "White Brotherhood". Both divisions are equally evil and as EVIL as Evil can be.The master DK is the creator of "The New Age Movement". I knew of it and the plan for it many years before it was set into motion. I knew it's purpose. The Master DK referred to it as a package, a deceptive package having an underlying cause, the underlying cause being the purpose it played to manipulate the masses to separate themselves from the true Plan of our Creator to unknowingly serve what the masters call "the higher will" that they serve, which is in truth the will of Lucifer. High initiates meet Lucifer and know him for the evil entity that he is.The organization has a physical hierarchy with many divisions. Every division has within itself it's own hierarchical structure. Every server in each division has his or her assignments: