Comment: Ok so make this scenario,

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Ok so make this scenario,

Ok so make this scenario, nothing hitting the Pentagon only internal explosions, more plausible to me.

What is the evidence that supports internal explosions only?

Seems to me that most people do believe that something flew into the side of the Pentagon, especially from the wreckage, collapsed inward side and hole like something traveled through multiple walls. How is the wreckage consistent with only internal explosions?

Where did the plane all your witnesses saw go? Are we to go off of Roosevelt Roberts alone and assume the "second plane" he saw was the only plane, and all the 100 other eyewitnesses are mistaken about seeing the plane hit the Pentagon?

How did all the plane parts from an American Airlines plane get in the wreckage, the black box, or belongings and body parts of the passengers?

Maybe if you can answer those questions for me your story will seem more plausible.