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Comment: Wish I could say you were wrong.

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Wish I could say you were wrong.

I think you will find my earliest posts include my defense of Wicca. That was another lie I fell for. I could see the corruption in the church, so I bailed on it. I still sought spiritual growth, and so I wandered a ways down many paths, and in Wicca, I found LOVELY people. They cared about the earth, the respected the "Sacred Mother," and they played with candles and delightful herbs. But I got deep enough in to get uneasy about the leadership, and stopped going. Not too long after, I happened to run across this character named "Ron Paul" and I started bunny hole diving. The same pattern, everywhere. Insert any church, school, lodge, etc. They have a "front" group, full of beautiful people, seeking truth and fellowship. Those who are simple enough to stay happy there serve to present a good face to the public fill the rank and file membership. (And I don't mean simple minded, just those who are easily contented.) Among them, some will have too many questions, and those will be led to the next level where more truth is revealed. Enough truth to make them see "the bigger picture" and now, entrusted with this special knowledge and permitted into the "inner circle" - this next level will serve as a sort of spy upon the lower level. Among them, some will prove to be very good as "exploiting opportunity" and they will be taken into an even greater confidence - perhaps made "Treasurer" or put in charge of fund raising. And as the bonds that forge these new alliances become more and more exclusive, they become more and more secretive... and from the beginning, it was never the best people being elevated, it was the most corruptible. The ones who were known to have a weakness for the ladies, or better yet the little boys... or perhaps drugs, or just a healthy lust for money. But at this point, when bankers declare they are doing "God's work" as they print fiat dollars with occult symbols, one has to be a fool not to realize who their god is.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.