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What you are assuming is just not typical.

You assume it should fall like a broomstick being tipped over. But it isn't built that way. The tower isn't one giant stick that should tip over. It is more like when your kid stacks markers one top of each other to make a tower. When it starts to fall, the weak parts give way. It doesn't fall perfectly into "its own footprint" as you guys like to say, but it is close. It certainly doesn't just tip over like a broom stick. You guys just assume that it should so you can feel better about your theory when it doesn't. Then you use examples of much smaller buildings as comparisons when in fact they aren't very comprarable at all. Much much smaller structures can sometimes tip over like that, but when a building gets to a certain height, if part of it starts to tip, it starts to collapse and break rather than continuing to tip like a broomstick would.

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