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I just want to point out

Before you start feeling overly clever. If you are thinking about changing the IP on your computer to help hide yourself, it won't work. That is not what a static IP is or does. Each computer on a WI-Fi network has a different IP, the IP "talks" to the IP from your Wi-Fi router, which, in my case, "talks" to the DSL modem which has an IP address that is assigned by your ISP. Changing the IP on your computer does not change the IP on your modem. So I could be wrong, but you seem like you think you found a way to hide from the government net trolls, but trust me my friend, even TOR can't protect you, you have to learn code and learn the in's and out's of networking to even begin to cover your tracks, but even with that knowledge you can mess up, IE Jullian Assange.

You just got PAULED!