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Comment: Hi Granger :)

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Hi Granger :)

I am still trying to understand where Farrakhan fits in the Liberty Movement. Do you know if the information or this site is reputable? there are alot more words in addition to the words I have pasted below:

"Read Farrakhan's words carefully. He's calling for a Mao-like movement here in the U.S. which links "the struggle here with Africa and the Caribbean, Central and South America". "Struggle" is a common term used to describe the communist agenda. Ever wonder why the NoI is so closely linked to the revolutionary communist Black Panther Party? Many of these various groups and movements are united through "Liberation Theology" and "Liberation Theology". The communist terror organization, Weather Underground, were also proponents of "Black Liberation Theology". In fact, the WU, together with the "Black Liberation Army" (BLA), pulled off many terror attacks together, some of which resulted in murder. The 1981 Brinks truck robbery and triple murder was carried out by a joint action between the BLA and WU, as were several shootings and bombings of police stations in the seventies and eighties. One such bombing of a police station in San Fransisco, which resulted in the death of one officer and the maiming of another, has been in the news recently. There apparently is good evidence that Obama's pals Bill Ayers and wife Bernardine Dohrn were directly involved. The case is being re-opened. Anyway, back to Farrakhan..."