Comment: I searched that on youtube

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I searched that on youtube

I searched that on youtube and could not find a video that shows the Pentagon clean up. Don't you have a link?

I believe I do know what happened at the Pentagon on 9/11. You can keep the belief that you don't know what happened, that's your right and I have no problem with that.

I've stated this over and over again but here it goes again just for you.
Every single eyewitness that saw what happened say they saw a plane hit the Pentagon. More than one hundred people. There are more people who saw the plane headed toward the Pentagon, but did not actually see it hit the Pentagon. No eyewitnesses say they saw anything else other than a plane hit the Pentagon. Twenty six people said specifically it was an American Airlines jet they saw. No eyewitnesses say the plane flew over the Pentagon and did not hit it. American Airlines plane parts were found all over the scene and especially in the wreckage. The black box from American Airlines flt 77 was recovered in the Pentagon wreckage. Body parts recovered in the wreckage was identified by dna to be from passengers that were on AA flt 77. Radar tracking from 4 different sources followed AA flt 77 up until it ended at the Pentagon. The Flight Data recorder analysis also confirms AA flt 77 hit the Pentagon.

May not be enough for you, but it is for me, especially considering the complete lack of evidence for any other scenario.