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I hope you recognized

the irony of the straw man within your own comment. I'll address your questions and remarks in order:

The stronger Bitcoin becomes, the less traction the anti-bitcoiners seem to have. This should be clear enough, I would hope anyway.

You said, "And also, are you really saying that those who are not Bitcoin advocates suggest that there is no value in "the experiment" of Bitcoin?" (hint: this is what you said, not me, hence the irony of your suggesting that I'm using a straw man, and I agree that the statement is unsubstantiated stupidity, but perhaps too harsh of a word) You can read exactly what I said. The anti-Bitcoiners, those that speak out against it and try to convince others to conform to their own opinions, do not seem to recognize the value of the experiment. I hope that clarifies it for you.

Your last remarks are not honorable and that is all I will say to that. Perhaps you felt my comment was directed at you. I suggest you read it again to see that it clearly isn't. That is, if you don't consider yourself to be an anti-Bitcoiner.

Try to keep your cool. I'd like to believe we are on the same team.