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It's explained in the documentary, mrbengal.

You know, the one you keep trying to pretend contains no "real" evidence. Your Jedi Mind tricks do not work here.

The plane continued on and flew away. It looked like a normal departure out of Reagan National Airport, which is literally one mile away from the Pentagon. There are constantly large, extremely low-flying jets landing and departing on the east side of the Pentagon. It is not an odd sight at all. See here, here, here, here, and here for examples. Again this is already shown and explained in the documentary so you are just playing games.

There were bodies and body parts found in the Pentagon but you have no proof that they were "the passengers" of Flight 77, which disappeared from radar hundreds of miles away about 45 min earlier and was never positively ID'ed again. Yet another tired old claim by you. Frequently Asked Question: Didn't rescue workers see dead bodies inside the Pentagon? How do you explain that?

You know we are not "going off of Roosevelt Roberts alone", you know there was no other low flying plane in the area at the time of the explosion (alleged impact) even according to the official story, and you know 100+ people did not literally watch the plane impact the building.

The alleged "black box" data released by the government is a fraud. It shows the plane on a "south side" heading that is conclusively refuted by the eyewitnesses and also has it going 460 knots, which is 110 knots over the max operating velocity (Vmo) for a 757 at sea level. It also has the plane at an altitude that would require a 34G pull-up in order to hit the building low and level as required by the physical damage, which is laughable. This has been documented by Pilots for 9/11 Truth in detail. Your disinfo talking points are like 4 years old. You are failing miserably here.