Comment: Yeah sorry but that didn't

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Yeah sorry but that didn't

Yeah sorry but that didn't make it any more plausible.

No eyewitness say they saw it continue on and fly away, not a one. Roosevelt Roberts doesn't even, he did not see a plane until after he heard an explosion. All the eyewitnesses that saw what happened to the Pentagon say they saw the plane hit the Pentagon, not continue on and fly away.

So sorry I can't buy that CIT crap. Who makes a complete case off of discrepancies in eyewitness testimony anyway? That's all they have, it's the crux of their whole case. No evidence of the plane going anywhere else. No eyewitnesses that saw the plane "continue on and fly away". No evidence of planted plane parts. No other evidence at all. You can blow off all the other evidence and buy that stuff if you'd like but I do not.