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You got me wrong

I kind of figured I'd get the down votes but I'd like to input my final word.

Yes RT reports on a lot of controversial subjects with great accuracy in truth. I do believe that they cover major news events surrounding America better than the media outlets you listed above. I would just like to point out that everyone, group or what have you covering media will have a bias. In the case of RT: a news media outlet based in Russia that has been reporting truth about the American regime. Why would an Russian television network want Americans to wake up though a news media outlet? its because its their job or bias to do so in efforts to bring down the fascist american regime. I'm no Americana but what does that remind me of?? hmm I wonder maybe sometime between 1982-1991.

RT is nothing more than another bias media outlet source; just like how Fox and CNN spew shit like it comes from a tap. Even though they actually do report the truth in many occasions its important that you don't believe everything you hear, take bits and pieces and make your own mind up.