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In the case of the tower with the antenna,

that top piece tips over and is pretty clear as day moving that direction of it's tipping. So if the piece with all the weight is falling out and away then shouldn't there still be at least like half, or even at worst case a third of that tower still standing? So what's so strange is that not only does the entire building below the plane crash essentially pulverize, the top chunk of building above the crash should be sitting on the ground "somewhat" recognizable. But instead, it is pulverized as well.

So if we go with the pancake notion of failing floors smashing down on the following floors beneath as the cause for the pulverized concrete then something needs to fall on the top chunk to pulverize it?

I'm just thinking out loud. Also, isn't the smoking gun the fact all 3 collapsed the way they did on the same day during the same event. If this were possible to happen to a building, could it happen at this frequency?