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technological innovation is exponential

technological innovation is exponential.

"rocket cars"(helicopters or small planes) would be feasible if it were not for government regulations, existing transport systems(like roads) and fuel costs. but that is besides the point.

the cost of robotic automation is hitting a sweet spot in price. 5 years ago a 3d printer or a programmable robot "worker" was like 150-500k dollars... now a high end 3d printer is 1000 dollars and a programable robot automation system is around the 20k mark... both of which are more advanced/versatile then the 4 year old 200k systems.

At that price, an average small business can buy several systems instead of hiring workers RIGHT NOW. but in 5 years we may have 1500$ programmable robot systems.

Its no stretch to imagine many(if not most) service and manufacturing jobs will be automated in another 5 years.

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