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Comment: I can't take you seriously

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I can't take you seriously

You state you believe “the CIA or Mossad or both, infiltrated and assisted the hijackers.” If the hijackers were not competent enough to maneuver the high speeds and angles that occurred in both the tower attacks and the Pentagon attack which opinion has been corroborated by commercial pilots, what makes you think the CIA and/or Mossad would even trust the hijackers to do the job unless they (CIA/Mossad) had full control over the aircraft? Isn’t that the most important issue vs. whether a plane or missile hit the Pentagon? Everything is open to conjecture anyway until the tapes are
released for public viewing which is unlikely to occur at least in the immediate future. Your focus on evidence is all well and good, we all seek credible evidence; but you should know the CIA and Mossad will do everything they can to destroy, misuse and conjure up evidence as well as conflate the claims of what happened to mislead people to believe Islamic terrorists did 9/11. Your quest which seems to attempt to disprove sources truthers send you is thus suspicious to me because it appears quite one-sided (the same side the CIA and Mossad would support to backup the government’s story), and your focus does not align with your claim that you believe CIA and Mossad were involved. Your approach is thus a red herring and poses a red flag to me as a truther. Sorry if you are well intended, and I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, but from where I see it, you are “barking up the wrong tree.”