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The US GOVERNMENT woujld dispute your claim

They would say that the TRILLIONS of compounding national debt that was counterfited into existance are your debt.

So my point is even tho you have agreed to no debt nor borrowed from anyone. Still these Rothschild mafia agents lay a claim of false debt upon you.

They use these false debt claims to justify any and every immoral activity they wish to direct against you. In fact as they attack you they make claims to the public that you are the debtor hence they are your victums.

Its like seeing a big guy beating the tar out of a small guy and while he is hitting and kicking he is screaming out in pain as if he is the one being hurt.

This Rothschild tactic confuses the victum and the onlookers giving further advantage to the agressor.

Its a dirty tactic if you ask me but the entire planet has been enslaved as debt slaves even tho some would claim they have no debt.