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I agree with your assesment but

I think a solution of Jubilee will not ever occur and is an unrealistic solution because it can never be acomplished.

The reason it wont be acomplished is because the national debts are not real debt but rather control tools. The whip to a slave. Yes false debt slaves.

They can digitize into creation unlimited wealth and do, so you see collecton of debt is not important as the claim of debt.

The real solution lies within yourself as an individual.

Seems you understand the problem quite well. When faced with an enemy that has overwhealming superiority you have to disengage.

I call it enlightened disengagement. Instead of bullets at the power use seeds. Feed yourself, you may not think your capable of doing this but humans have done it for a very long time before Rothschild debt slavery convinced us that we have to have money to eat.

Individually we have to withdraw our support for false debt slavery. When a critical mass sets the example most everyone will follow. Its about the future of humanity. I cut this very short there are many enlightened disengagement stratigies beyone just planting a seed that was just one breif example.