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I was hunting around today and came up with this link:

The page is covered with lists of links. They are in the color black so they don't look like links.

There are 15 1993 Linda Thompson interviews (looks like Bill Cooper is interviewer, I don't know who he is) as well as 45 Waco interviews. I thought you might be interested in the link. I haven't listened to any yet except for 1 random one where I think a guy is talking about the Franklin case.

I found the link because I was trying to figure out info on Farrakhan. There is another pro-Farrakhan post on the DP and I am trying to figure out more about him. I found a page where Farrakhan is linked with alot of info about the Jesuits:

And I remembered when we had mentioned the Jesuits as perhaps a place for the buck stopping.