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Comment: But as I said and say congress is installed not elected

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But as I said and say congress is installed not elected

Congress agreed to usury as a puppet agrees to usury. So we can spend our time screaming at the puppet for that dam usury. OR OR MEYBE we can look to the puppet master. FOLLOW THE USURY TRAIL all trails lead to only one name. ROTHSCHILD.

Saying its the fault of congress is like saying its the fault of my dog. Both have a master who they listen to.

You use terms like they and we and us. Please I do reject these terms as inapropriate.

The false debt loans from the Rothschild central bank to the Rothschild installed and controled govenrment did not get a cent to your pocket. THEY DID NOT LOAN YOU ANYTHING. They loaned themselves counterfit digites at a COMPOUNDING loan then they turned to you and said you have a debt. If you call this kindness your insane.

Its false debt being used to enslave you.

If I come and punch you in the face most would say thats a wrong and agressive action but If I make claims of FALSE DEBT, now even tho I am the one harming you everyone sees me as the injured party.

False debt being used to justify any and every immorality, theft, extortion, torture/prison, even murder.

False debt being used to force cowardly immoral submission to liars theives and murders.