Comment: this is how the left/right paradigm works

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this is how the left/right paradigm works

The right will not say it is a conspiracy for fear of being alled a conspiracy theorist, and the left in their ignorance will think fully automatic assault weapons are still legal and so we must restrict a type of gun that is already illegal, which in reality will just mean restrict hand guns and semi-autos.

A dumber analogy would be, if Adam Lanza used a "nuke" and Obama said we have to ban nukes, the public believes it because they are ignorant, and so pocket knives are banned. The public is not THIS stupid but it's just an analogy. The public thinks fully automatic assault guns were used since their dear leader would not lie to them. And Obama is technically not lying here because if a military operation was used, it would be a fully automatic weapon and not just an AR-15 (which probably wasn't even used at all).