Comment: Rebellion against God is the only sin.

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Rebellion against God is the only sin.

Christ demonstrated how to honor those who God has placed in authority over us.

Yet He also demonstrated when to kick over the tables of money changers and how to frighten the Pharisees and Sadducees into all out rebellion against His own authority and that of His Father.

There is no minister, priest or preacher on this earth that holds such authority save Christ.

There are only saints and non-saints.

Just as Christ came to end all sacrifices, He left behind a world with no need for priests, for He is the chief Priest to end all Priests.

Those who claim such authority as head of any church (large or small) are already in rebellion to Christ and have proved themselves a false teacher and / or false prophet see 2 Peter 2.

Elders do not equate to church leaders... only that they are older and more experienced.

All real Christians are called to be saints, and if we are truly saints then we are called to judge the world 1 Corinthians 6.

Let no man but Christ rule over your faith. Judge your (false) pastor and hold your rulers accountable if you are truly a saint yourself and thus called to judge.

Be prepared to judge those who are in rebellion the way your Christ did it.

But be wary not to be a false accuser, for you shall condemn yourself if you do this.