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Comment: Interesting man. I used to

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Interesting man. I used to

Interesting man. I used to think this stuff was total crap, but it seems like there just might be something to it. Beyonce has said repeatedly that she channels this person called Sasha Fierce when she takes the stage and that Sasha does all sorts of things that Beyonce would never do or couldn't do.

Anyways, all I want to say is that they don't really care about us.

Also, that video got me interested so I searched Britney Spears Rebellion to see who wrote it since someone else writes almost all of her songs and so the lyrics would be pretty irrelevant. I found this out about it:

Jeff along with the late Christopher “Notes” Nolen penned the much sought after unreleased track “Rebellion“, which was recorded but omitted for the ‘Blackout‘ album.

So it was recorded but omitted from her album. That sentence makes it seem like someone else wrote it, but later in the same article it says:

Britney came up with the lyrics based on a personal poem she had been working on for a couple weeks leading up to our recording session. The original demo is still in my archives but because of Notes passing and my loyalty for Spears, I will not leak it until both camps feel its ready for public consumption.”

Anyways, someone else wrote the music, but Britney wrote the lyrics. It wasn't released on her album, but she later released the song, and apparently put it up on her website like the video says. FWIW.