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Again: Social Security is NOT a Contract (see my other posts).

You said:

"The second part you are forgetting is this. By having a social security account, you are essentially employed by the UNITED STATES. In fact by merely having a social security number you are defined as "Federal Personnel"

My reply:

Having a social security card is just a thing; it is not a contract, and if they want to presume I am employed by them, then it is also safe for me to presume I am getting paid for my employment, unless of course they are admitting to running a slave racket, in which we now have a major labor dispute.

For some strange reason you cannot erase 20 years of crap you've been studying, and come to realize the fact, if you are not receiving a paycheck on the 1st and 15th of the month from either local/state/federal gov't agencies, and they have no employment contract on file and no payroll records for you, then you are NOT EMPLOYED BY THE UNITED STATES, and their internal statutory rules-codes, and regulations DO NOT APPLY to you.

I've got a Blockbuster video card, does that mean I'm a Blockbuster employee? Does that mean I am somehow under their jurisdiction? Not unless I'm on their payroll and they can prove it.

Question maybe you can answer, no one else seems to be able to:

"What's the One Document, either Local/State/Federal Gov't has in their possession, that would Contractually Obligate anyone (other than gov't employees/elected officials/officers who ARE receiving pay and benefits to abide by internal statutes (US Code Title 1 - Title 50)), to abide by those internal statutes-rules-codes-regulations, and to do it for free - without pay, and without benefits of their own?"