Comment: This is why I don't pay much attention to Infowars

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This is why I don't pay much attention to Infowars

Snoop Dogg is in no way, shape, or form anti-gun. He carries a gun with him everywhere he goes, even though he's a convicted felon and isn't supposed to have one. He's the first person that I've ever heard talk about Zionists (Rothschilds) manipulating the U.S. into carrying out their mission, and my dumb ass rejected everything that he said at the time (circa 2002). No one who grew up in the areas where Snoop did would EVER come out and push a gun control agenda, because they all know that no laws will ever stop guns from hitting the streets... Snoop had Dr. Paul as his Twitter icon for awhile, too.

This stupid "story" centers around an obscure song on Snoop's latest album, which has been out for quite some time now and is meant to promote peace from a Rastafarian perspective. The fact that Infowars is trying to make this nonstory some kind of controversy means that people on their staff are bored, and fishing to boost their careers - just like all the other media.