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The downward spiral of liberty however is religeous oppression (state or divine). Religeous zeal is used to create empires, but destroys them in the end. Because religeous zeal, in times of revolution and war is what motivates mindless serfs to go run at machine gun nests. In times of peace, its what motivates them to vote away the rights of the minority in order to bring about their theocractic utopia. Or as sane people might call it, tyrannical dark age.

Id suggest the pivitol moment is when you decide to not make another stupid post giving your make-believe spagetti monster credit for liberty. Instead, do something more constructive with your time such as becoming a PCO, taking over your local party, or throwing out the collectivist religeous right who are sodomizing our civil liberties with their bullshit mystisism, fake morals and holy wars.

Do we really need another religeous argument where a christian comes on and starts talking about how liberty can't exist without his cosmic monarchy? You're not making converts here, I promise you. Coersion, submission to authority, and the tendancy to believe in ridiculous and impossible things are not very condusive traits toward human freedom.