Comment: He's not asking people to claim ignorance

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He's not asking people to claim ignorance

He's asking people to either ignore the illegitimate claims of others and live their lives as they would if no one pretended to have authority, or acknowledge that they can only ever possibly rebel against something they themselves have already accepted as an authoritative construct.

"The government is illegitimate, but after everyone rebels against The System and votes for Ron Paul it will become legitimate."

That's the kind of imbecility above which he's encouraging people to rise.

Put another way: recall all the "Freeman on the land" people out there, and ask yourself why they ever thought it necessary to inform anyone that they were declaring themselves to be free. They had no such obligation, for the very reason that they were free in the first place, from birth. The "Freeman on the land" declaration is a rebellion, and as such is an acknowledgement that some kind of "authority" out there remains legitimate.