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"Great explanation from Hammerhed26:
For those of you that may not know whats going on in the video... here's a little info. the Surveillance team (not USAF)that spotted this IED emplacer most definitely informed their command of this event. the jump from 03NO to 04NO means they were probably tasked with watching it (for 24hrs)until something happened (and it did). The "41QQR" number is a grid ref to the location of the event (MGRS). whats noteworthy about the video is the team is watching this scene from 5.3km away from the west, so i'm sure the emplacer had no clue he was being watched. this also may have been well outside of the teams Area of Operation or (AO). If it was, at that point, the only thing the team can do is observe and report. this event happened just 1km south of hwy 1 and 5km west of Lakowkhey, Afghanistan Less..
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