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Comment: You just answered your own point about the Nike shoes

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You just answered your own point about the Nike shoes

with the "unless explicitly stated otherwise." The point was really quite silly in that you are trying to make a point against the pro-IP position by implying it means someone couldn't rightfully sell their shoes at a garage sale. Nike would lose sales if they did in fact require that no one can resell them as a condition of the original sale--would you buy them instead of other firms' shoes if so? These sort of statements pop up routinely in anti-IP arguments claiming every utterance, letter, etc would be strictly copyrighted. Just because aspects of copyright law are ridiculous doesn't mean the pro-IP people endorse everything in copyright law such as criminal sanctions. I assume most pro-IP people believe only in civil remedies for violations. [And just to state it, I am still on the fence on this but lived for decades passively accepting copyright legitimacy and I don't change my mind at the drop of a hat (the first time I hear an argument).]