Comment: The paper price of gold and

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The paper price of gold and

The paper price of gold and silver is not highly relevant - but having said that, when gold and silver prices go down in inflationary environments, it is a clear buy signal. And this is certainly an inflationary environment with the Fed creating 85 billion of new dollars every month.

Gold and silver are commodities, and the general rule for commodities is to buy on price dips.

My view on bitcoin is that it is a great short-term currency for worldwide transactions. Buy bitcoin, for instance, to purchase gold and silver to store in Singapore or Hong Kong. There are some bullion vaults in Singapore that will store precious metals, and advance a loan in various currencies (e.g. dollars) based on metals stored with the bullion vault. So, for instance, you can store 500 ounces of silver in the vault, and take out a dollar loan as needed. The loan can be paid back in bitcoin at negligible transfer cost.

For longer term savings, bitcoin is a bit more speculative. While it may be a good savings vehicle, the speculative risk should be considered by any prudent saver. Still, its definitely something worth considering.