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Comment: We meaning you and I. Not some collective strawman.

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We meaning you and I. Not some collective strawman.

Of course, it wasn't kindness. It was a sucker punch in the end.

Hating A Banking Family is not an action item. Who cares? Where's the profit in that.

I suggest that markets are more powerful that bankers. The price of Gold is again compensating for the banking fraud.

Us Federal Debt Priced in Gold.

In 1970 and 2000 the market worked to correct the Congressional frauds.

If Congress feared hanging from a noose if they dared borrow another cent that would be progress. It's not likely the bankers will quit offering what they have found lucrative.

I don't disagree. Personally I never plan to borrow money that I cannot repay when I make a loan.

What more can I do?

Free includes debt-free!