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Okay, either you up-voted your own comment, or someone else

here didn't hear correctly as well. @1:40 he states, and I quote, "It was NOT an airplane". He also never mentions anything about suspecting a kite, or a mosquito, correct? Now you may be thinking why I am being ridiculous by mentioning a kite or a mosquito as we both well know neither of those could make that hole. So what could? An airplane? A missile? What else could possibly be left, a meteor? Realistically, logically, and maturely, it would be either an airplane or a missile.

I'll add something else; He did "NOT" say that the "EVIDENCE" wasn't there. He said that he could not "PROVE" it. You strike my as an intelligent person so I will assume that I don't have to explain that there is a very BIG difference between those statements.

From the video I originally provided, @9:25 of this video, he once again states that it was NOT an airplane, and also goes on to say that the part inside the hole looked, "NOT" like an airplane turbine, but that it looked like a missile turbine.

From your comments, it's suddenly dawning on me that maybe you didn't watch the original video I posted and instead, you assumed that the video you posted was the same one as the one I had provided. If that is indeed the case, I encourage you to watch the version I've included in this comment as it contradicts most of your statements.

As for witnesses, I'm sorry but I have a strong bias against witnesses whenever they support the government's version of the story. Reason being, is that whenever there are witnesses that contradict the governments version, they "accidentally" suffer an early death or they mysteriously disappear and are never heard from again. For some very odd reason, there always seems to be a fatal epidemic of eyewitnesses whenever they contradict the government's version of things. They could also be disinfo agents, you said so yourself.