Comment: What morality are you basing this off of?

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What morality are you basing this off of?

This has to be the worst example of rational thought I've ever heard. I will give it props because it has some critical thinking skills displayed throughout it.

What you don't define, is the terms.

You don't define who is rebelling, why they are rebelling, what changes are made. Life is 100% grey areas, your defining it as black and white, that there is only two options neither is correct.

I will give you the answer you need to complete your conundrum.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. However the only thing more dangerous than power, is not having it.

Real authority holds power so others do not abuse that power.

You classify those in a rebellion as going against authority. However if the authority has gone against the principles which gives them their authority, they have incited rebellion already, and now the real authority is taking back that right.

What you are not defining is what is right and what is wrong and who is the authority. In America, the individual is the authority, by taking a public office, you are placing yourself below an individual and giving up some of your rights while your in office. Many politicians however would like you to think they control you or have more power while in office. Those type of people are the rebellious ones in America.