Comment: "I've got a Blockbuster video

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"I've got a Blockbuster video

"I've got a Blockbuster video card, does that mean I'm a Blockbuster employee? Does that mean I am somehow under their jurisdiction?"

In order to get that Blockbuster card you had to make agreements with them. Those agreement COULD include that you are a VOLUNTARY employee of Blockbuster, and if you AGREED with it then it is not slavery but voluntary servitude. The jurisdiction is likely defined within the agreement.

The same is true with the SS account. When you sign the application for SS#, you will be called to answer the question "Are you a Citizen of the United States?" When you answer yes, you just established jurisdiction. And as citizen by its very nature is one who owes allegiance to a country AND its established statues. By stating "YES" I am a citizen, you are stating that you agree to be bound by THOSE statutes, that's what citizenship is. You do not become a citizen simply by being born here, you become a citizens by being born or naturalized here AND agreeing to be bound by its statutes (jurisdiction).

You are VOLUNTARY Personnel, you have agreed to VOLUNTARY servitude, with benefits.

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