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Comment: I do not and never have reccomended hating a bank family

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I do not and never have reccomended hating a bank family

So you have a family that has conducted a multi generational multitude of crimes against humanity.

This Red Sheild family has a central bank that counterfits digital money then loans it to the Government.

So you say we need not have any problem with this family after all why hate those bankers.

We as in you and I of course, allow them to bait our congressmen then we threaten to murder our congressmen if they borrow the counterfit money? Did I get you right?

sure you choose a nicer word hanging but its the same thing as murder in my book.

I think your reasoning is way off base. Exactly why again do you and I allow this Family to have their central bank in our nation.

The only reason I can think of is because we continue to blame the Government instead of actually Identifying the real Rothschild bank extortion theft problem and withdrawling from it. I have.