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Comment: Dear tragedyandhope. Thank you.

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Dear tragedyandhope. Thank you.

I want to say thank you for these videos, and to tell you a story.

I have a friend here in Boston. He knows what I do, but he's not, and has never been a Ron Paul supporter. he's my football buddy. On autumn Sundays, we go to the bar, drink beer, eat burgers, and watch the NFL. That is something I enjoy doing, and he is someone I enjoy doing it with.

Superficially, he likes Obama, but he doesn't pay as much attention to politics as he does to his beloved football team. The time he devotes to that is as much as others here devote to activism.

He's been struggling with work. He hates what he does, but like many, he feels trapped. One day he shows me this video he found, that he thinks is great. And it is one of your Alan Watts videos: What if Money Was No Object:

I thought that was awesome. And I thought it was awesome to see that it had 1.5 million views at the time. Now up to 1.9 million!

I told him I knew you from the Daily Paul. He was shocked and surprised. It wasn't his idea of what a Ron Paul supporter was. But he was inspired by the video, and he was inspired by others of yours.

I just wanted you to know that, and to say thank you for what you do, and that you inspire people in ways that you will never know.