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Comment: Public Schools

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Public Schools

Are BORING STUDENTS TO DEATH by strapping the kids into desks until they are 18. These kids are capable of becoming skilled around the age of 14 or 15. But when all the kids have to look forward to is a mind numbing classroom... the kids appropriately respond by NOT CARING about their education; because it is not relevant, and does not give the kids a choice.

In most public schools, ALMOST ALL VOCATIONAL options have been eliminated in favor of MORE MATH, MORE ENGLISH, MORE SCIENCE; just more textbook, paper and pencil style textbook subjects that have been watered down and made painful to swallow.

Where is shop class? Where is automotive class?

I am a high school teacher, and NOT ONE of the schools that I have worked at has offered these classes. These vocational classes have been moved to a single campus; and we only suggest that you attend the vocational campus "if you are some kind of loser." We consider the vocational path a "lesser path."

It's a shame.

The result is that as a math teacher, I see students that ARE NOT MATHEMATICALLY (or even academically) inclined TAKING 3 hours to 4.5 hours of math classes PER DAY, and still sucking at math!

This is how wasteful, inefficient, and irrelevant the public school system has become. It is truly a shame.