Comment: I store every IP every player

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I store every IP every player

I store every IP every player ever used. Why? Because I can quickly through a database poll see if a new player named "dumbdumb" is potentially one I banned before.

That isn't the only thing I use to keep player bans going, but I also check to see if your web (port 80) IP is the same as you direct TCP/IP. Then I check the web IP against a known proxy list and autoban both IP's on that. I wish I could get at their MAC address also, but alas, I can't.

Exceptions are made for countries that ban my site, with a personal chat before they are marked "OKAY".

I will also NMAP the *real/not proxy* IP and store that output - automatically. Brutal, yes, but I know what browser they are using, operating system, open ports, if it's a proxy server, etc. That data, since it's large, is stored for about a month, then deleted from there for good. I also know if behind firewall, which helps with trouble shooting. I verify email addresses, and don't allow duplicates. If people have a problem connecting, I got all the info I need to help them FAST. Using that data, I can match individual people who abuse the service very fast. So you click "play here" and you computer gets assaulted with a quick scan, lol. It's in the term of service.

I care more about keeping my good gamers then having 10,000 more that are jerks. Private service, I'll use whatever I can.