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That's the Catch.

Catch 22 demands that if you recognize an authority then you must volunteer to bend to it's will.

If you don't recognize the authority then you consent. So says the authority.

Clearly we have a moral dilemma here. I thinks it's best if we shut down government until we sort this out.

Of, course, without government there is no dilemma. Maybe we should leave it that way.

Say for 100 years. Then our children can decide which century proved healthier, wealthier and wiser.

Better than leaving our posterity with the creature from Jekyll Island!

Compared to what Bishop had when he built this house in in 1842 the Michigan Wilderness 6 miles East of Detroit. There was nothing here you would come here for except the black locust forests. Makes great wagon wheels and just a half a mile to the Huron River and on to Buffalo NY. Bishop hailed from Livingston NY.

I've got an S10, hitch, and a chainsaw and I live near black locust forests. Not much call for wagon wheels.

Still a hundred year break from government might be doable.

Free includes debt-free!