Comment: Are you in favor of the Net Neutrality Bill?

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Are you in favor of the Net Neutrality Bill?

I don't think that you are. It seems like you want to limit other people's ability to communicate. Voting on a comment either way sends a message and fast. So does not voting on a comment. What I 'm interested in is whether a neutral voted comment was actually voted on say 50 times, 25 up and 25 down. One can't tell unless you check back occasionally to see the actual vote changing. In any case, there is so little actual direct communication in the world anymore and also in this virtual world that Michael, Jon, and others have created, why not continue on the same way? You are only as good or bad as your last comment; either feel good for a moment in time or suck it up and try to make a better received comment the next go-round. It's called spontaneity/instantaneous feedback or just feeling alive, like these are real people behind all of these user names. Just enjoy it is my recommendation.